UNIX/LINUX Experience
We have 9 years of expertise in Unix like operating systems namely CentOS, RedHat, Amazon Linux, Debian and Ubuntu.

We have customized these operating systems to an extreme security standard as recommended by Center for Internet Security thus making all my client servers a secure and rock-solid one.


We have started carrier in 2010 as a web hosting support tech which required managing various DNS, Web-related, Emailand MySQL.

We have worked on solving small to complex issues by installing, configuring, administering, securing and managing the services by referring the technical books and applying the standard practice to ensure that the services are secure and up most of the time without discrepancies.


cloud computing experiences

We have 5 years of experience in architecting and managing both public and private Cloud. When designing the cloud architecture, the major requirement that we keep in mind about security, elasticity, high availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

private cloud


We have architecture and build a Private cloud using ownCloud that uses 10 Hypervisors to achieve high availability

public cloud

major cloud services

For the past 8 years I have architecture, build and managed various public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.


container experiences

We have 4 years of experience in architecting Docker container services in AWS, Digital Ocean, and in Google Cloud Platform.

We Red Hat Certified Engineer with Cisco CCNA Certificate

RHCE Certificate number: 130-019-136

CCNA Certificate number: CSCO1168849

What Our Clients Say

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