Software as a Service

It is a product model that is developed and hosted in a single server that can be accessed across the world using simple browser-like user interfaces.

Hosting SaaS applications on Cloud infrastructure is bliss and you would offload the burden of managing your own servers. Many Cloud providers themself provide a number of Cloud services that would help the SaaS deployment be easier and less painful for the deployment team.

Reasons to move your application to SaaS


You can build a cost-effective SaaS Service that can fit within your budget by just reaching our SaaS consultants. By leveraging our industry expertise, we ensure that you only pay for the features and resources you truly need. We identify cost-saving opportunities and help you optimize your SaaS subscriptions for maximum efficiency


We completely evaluate the security features and protocols of various SaaS vendors and ensure that they meet industry standards and compliance regulations. We guide you on best practices for data protection, encryption, access controls, and ongoing security monitoring, and assure that your sensitive information remains safeguarded.


We optimize SaaS resource usage to attain scalability without compromising costs, making the organization thrive in a dynamic marketplace. We just simply assess your growth projections and helps in choosing the right scalable SaaS Services as per your needs.

Quicker Deployment

Deploy SaaS easily in a cost-effective and faster manner by just getting into our SaaS consulting.


We regularly back up and apply as many security measures for the data to ensure higher reliability while accessing our SaaS services.

Features of SaaS Service

  • Performance
  • Ensure data and service continuity
  • Security
  • Transparency via Status Page
  • Workload Isolation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Single Sign-On integration with your user directory
  • Integration with Hashicorp Terraform Cloud

How we achieve this using the concept of tenancy. The following are the three ways how we help our customers at easydeploy to achieve fault-tolerance and resilient system to scale on demand.

Single tenancy on shared infrastructure with logical isolation

In the single tenant approach, we separate the customer’s application and database to an isolated environment for each customer. Every customer will have their own application instance and database. In this approach, a very high level of privacy and security is provided to customer’s data.

Multi-Tenant on shared infrastructure with logical isolation

In the Multi-Tenant approach, all of the customers or some of the customers share the same infrastructure or application or database with other customers. This is a most widely adopted model for the SaaS applications as it’s easier for inboard new customers and save the cost.

Multi tenancy within same AWS account

With our SaaS Consulting, we will have different infrastructures created for each customer. This is usually done for companies who are concerned about privacy policies but still want to share one database with other companies (usually for accessing global data).

Whenever a new company signs up with a SAAS Service vendor. The SAAS Service vendor will provide a new infrastructure which will usually be a replica of the current infra already running. To easily achieve this Our SaaS Consulting Experts create terraform templates or cloudformation templates so they can onboard new companies with a click of a button.

The customers are launched in the same Cloud account for one obvious reason: They need access to the global database which has shared details of each customer.

Multi tenancy withdifferent AWS accounts

This is very similar to multi-tenancy with the same AWS Account but in this approach we will create another Cloud account within the same Cloud organization and launch it for new customers. It gives more isolation to customers. This is usually picked up by companies maintaining PII Data who don’t want to share any of their data to other companies. This infrastructure creation is also fully automated by our SaaS Consulting Experts.

SaaS Consulting team creates, we create the infrastructure templates and pipelines which will automatically launch new resources for customer onboarding. Here is the sample diagram of two implementation we did for our existing clients.

Multi tenant Architecture for a SaaS Application on AWS

Tools we use to enable SaaS on AWS

Tools we use to enable SaaS on Azure

Tools we use to enable SaaS on GCP

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SaaS Consulting?

SaaS Consultants help with the delivery of on-demand, cloud-based software services. They help your organization run applications easily without hosting them in-house. With the help of SaaS Consulting, you will pay for what service you use in your application.

How does SaaS Serive work?

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers their products through a centralized, cloud-based system. End users will maintain their applications by simply paying a subscription for ready-made SaaS products other than setting up an infrastructure locally.

What are the benefits of using SaaS Service?

Application runs on SaaS reduces the cost for the software products compared to running them on on-premise. SaaS applications are highly customizable. Can access SaaS products from any location. Because they are delivered via the internet. All that is required to access them is an internet-enabled device.

Difference between SaaS vs On-Premise

On-premises means all the software products for hosting an application are maintained in-house, but SaaS means to maintain the software products by other third-party cloud providers.

What are the top best SaaS products available now?
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Netflix
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Trello
  • HubSpot
Is SaaS the future?

Yes, it is the future of software. All the on-premise applications are started moving to Software as a Service. Because, it lowers the cost and faster deployment than on-premise. And most important is it doesn’t need to install, maintain or update any secure versions of software. They provide an up-to-date secure version of software.

Does EasyDeploy support conversion of software to SaaS ?

Yes, we have already implemented many software vendors on their journey to offering SAAS based model. Their cloud adoption journey was a massive success after making their product as a SAAS.

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EasyDeploy have redesigned our architecture from v1 till current v4 to meeting our growing SAAS business needs.

Krishna, CEO


EasyDeploy have converted our on premises application to SAAS offerings. Within 2 months. We are to recommend EasyDeploy to our contacts

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