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Transform Your Business with Powerful AWS Cloud

We offer end-to-end services to the businesses to build, scale, optimize, and manage cloud solutions on the AWS platform. Whether it be your first AWS application development or migration to AWS for the first time, we deliver innovative solutions and transform experience into the products that you expect.

We are a team of experienced AWS professionals, intended to provide you the best services in time. Our team consists of AWS certified professionals, experienced to work on the AWS platform. At EasyDeploy, you get industry experts to develop and refine your cloud strategy, manage solutions to maximize your investment with AWS services, and to get support on an ongoing basis.


Google Cloud VPC enables us to create an isolated network range which can shield the backend services being exposed to public internet. We can set up a multi tier VPC environment enabling you to isolate web, app, db and misellanious tiers for added security.


Google Cloud VM enables us to run the predefined public images from Google infrastructure of your own private images. We can setup Google Cloud VM instance according to benchmark standards


Google Cloud is a fully-managed database service that enables you to setup, maintain and manage your Relational database services like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL. We can set up CloudSQL Database service which are fully managed and scalable

GCP Storage

Google Storage cloud enables you to run static websites and you can also store the backup and less frequently used files so that it will improve the overall performance of the instances. We can setup Google Cloud Storage for you to host static websites/files.


Google Cloud CDN enables you to accelerate the content delivery of your website applications with low response time. We can deploy the CDN and integrate with Google Compute services and Cloud Storage.


Googlr Kubernetes Engine enables us to deploy containerized applications that are managed and fully production-ready. We can architect, deploy and Manage the Kubernetics engine as per your need

GCP App Engine

Google App Engine enables you to design, build and deploy applications on a fully managed platform with zero management and configuration deployments. We can design and deploy an App engine so that it will mange itself and expand your resources based on your future demands.

GCP Firestore

Google Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL fully managed document database service which simplifies storing, synchronizing and queriying data for the application globally. We can setup Google Cloud Firestore database service with built-in security access control

GCP Source Repositories

Google Cloud Source Repositories enables us to manage your codes in a private Git like repository. We can help you to migrate the codes from your privately owned repository to Google CodeCommit

GCP build

Google Cloud Build enables us to design and deploy Software using different languages and this can be deployed in different environments such as VMs,Kubernetics Etc., We help you to setup Cloud Build which allows your development team to speed up productivity.


Google Cloud IAM services allows users and applications the controllability and accessibility on which services and resources they can manage. We can create and limit Users with required roles to manage the Google Cloud resources they are bound to.

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We’re registered Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services

EasyDeploy on Amazon Web Services provisions a reliable hosting for your personal, Business and enterprise websites with any kind of applications. We provide advanced cloud solutions and anticipate your needs. Please feel free to contact us.


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what our clients say

establishing & sustaining trusted partnerships

Siru and his team is one of the best I have worked with on AWS consulting. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of AWS, he worked quickly and provided detailed instructions and information on the server setup. He provided recommendations on best practices and vulnerabilities, he made improvements to the setup I had in place, he provided excellent support, he was proactive throughout the set up process and he went far above and beyond the tasks we discussed. He checked a site hack warning and took all the steps needed to resolve the issue on my site and in search results. I plan to use Siru for all my AWS work in the future.

Skye Van Raalte-Herzog, Ceo,

Sympatica Pvt Ltd. team has completely re-architectured our infrastructure in AWS with dev, test and prod environments to make our development lifecycle easier. Made our application stable, and secure than ever. They have also reduced our operational cost using reserved instance available in AWS. I found them professional, responsive and very cost effective

Dr. Sumeet Kumar, Cto, Sympatica Pvt Ltd.


Easydeploy team has been very professionally managing our servers for past one year. With outsourcing the infrastructure management to them I do not have anything to worry about infrastructure and can focus on my business. I will surely recommend them to others who are in need of server management.

Tissa Abeywickrama, Ceo, emars


Easydeploy team has resolved our infrastructure instability issues and managed our online shopping cart site built on mangento without any downtimes and are available 24/7 to back us. Thanks Siru and your team.

Pulkit, Proprietor, bharatsthali

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