Manage data with storage, and networking infrastructure using IaC Services

EasyDeploy consulting services have extensive knowledge and experience in writing robust codes for infrastructure and the approach will simplify the large-scale configuration management and make infrastructure changes more reliable, rapid and safe.

We can offload your team and manage your servers and other infrastructure, taking daily administration under our control.

Infrastructure as code design from scratch

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Infrastructure as code implementation service

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IT infrastructure audit

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Infrastructure as code consulting

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Ansible is a very simple IT automation tool that helps you to quickly implement cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration and many other infrastructure automations that would help you to manage any infrastructure with less manpower.


Terraform is a human readable configuration file that defines cloud infrastructure and on-premise infrastructure configurations. This configuration file helps you to keep track of and automate deploying new infrastructure in a few minutes. Terraform is one of the most popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools.

EasyDeploy has several Terraform codes readily available to deploy in the client’s environment. You can purchase our services to effortlessly implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in your organization.

Cloud Formation

AWS CloudFormation is a template file that helps you to manage AWS Infrastructure resources with less effort. This is provided by AWS itself for AWS engineers to simplify the AWS infrastructure deployment process. AWS CloudFormation helps or enables you to use a simple template file to create and delete a collection of resources and components together as a single unit (a stack).

It helps you leverage AWS products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon SNS, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling to build highly reliable, highly scalable, cost-effective applications in the cloud without worrying about creating and configuring the underlying AWS infrastructure.

Benefits of Choosing our IaC Services

Shorter time to market

IaC helps you to achieve faster turnaround times for deploying a large number of infrastructure for your organization.

Faster Development

You can develop infrastructure lifecycle quickly since IaC helps you to write the simple configuration files to deploy the desirable infrastructure components.

Less Configuration Management

This is obvious from above explanations, you will manage very less configuration items. You will manage just a few configuration files to manage the entire infrastructure.

Better ROI

Your business could achieve better ROI because of the above factors like shorter deployment time, less resources and simple configuration management.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a method of provisioning and managing cloud-based infrastructure (Servers, Networks, and Virtual Machines) using machine-readable files. It allows developers to build, manage, modify, and deliver infrastructure through code.
What are the benefits of IaC?
There are several benefits of using IaC such as minimizing the risk of human error, Quick and safe Infrastructure deployment, software development efficiency, Increasing productivity through automation, Code modification, Auto scaling Infrastructure, cost and time-saving, etc.
What are the differences between Cloudformation and Terraform?
Cloudformation is a product from AWS which is used to provision and manage the stacks of AWS. Cloudformation uses JSON as a formatted file to define the configuration of AWS resources that comprise the infrastructure and application stack.
Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool used to provision, and manage the infrastructure of any Cloud Platform. Terraform configuration files are written in HCL or HashiCorp configuration Language.
What are the differences between Terraform and Ansible?
Terraform and Ansible have differences in Use cases, syntax, benefits, and challenges. Ansible is an open-source system configuration management tool. It is often used to configure pre-existing systems and to manage network devices. Ansible uses YAML formatted files, which most network engineers are familiar with.

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code tool from Hashicorp used for provisioning, maintaining, and automating changes in cloud infrastructures. Terraform configurations are written in Hashicorp configuration language or HCL.
Which Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool do you suggest at EasyDeploy?
It is advised to use Terraform or Cloudformation with Easydeploy because Terraform can be used with several cloud platforms. Because Cloudformation is an AWS product and Easydeploy uses AWS services, it is recommended for use.
How long would it take to implement IaC in your organization?
The time required to implement IaC in an organization depends on the project and the organization
What are the most popular IaC implementations available in the market today?

The most widely used IaC Implementation tools on the market are

  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • SpectralOps
  • Chef
  • Pulumi
  • Puppet
  • Vagrant
  • Crossplane

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