Improve Your Business Productivity with Our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services are specifically designed to assist organizations in harnessing the potential of cloud computing through Azure. These cloud services offered by Microsoft provide expertise, guidance, and support to help businesses optimize their operations, implement effective cloud strategies, and leverage the full capabilities of Azure Cloud.

Opting for a reputable Microsoft Azure Cloud service provider can have numerous advantages for your business. By leveraging the expertise of professionals in managing Azure Cloud services, you can maximize the benefits of cloud computing, drive cost savings, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

What do We do as Azure Cloud Consultants?

Easydeploy offers dependable and pertinent Microsoft Azure Consulting services designed to enhance your complete application suite. Our team of certified Azure cloud consultants thoroughly comprehends your business requirements and existing practices, enabling us to create a comprehensive plan that guides you in selecting and implementing the most appropriate and feasible Cloud solution.

Our Azure Consulting Services encompass the entire spectrum, ranging from initial planning to development, deployment, and ongoing support. We specialize in critical areas for Azure Cloud solution, including the utilization of Power BI Dashboard for insightful data visualization and reporting which ensures that your organization receives optimal benefits from the Azure Cloud platform.


Microsoft Azure Cloud services

We at Easydeploy offer reliable and relevant Microsoft Azure Consulting services to deliver end-to-end cloud solution to enhance your entire application suite. Our Azure consultants can understand and analyze your business needs and current practices to develop a detailed plan that helps you opt for and adopt a suitable and viable Azure cloud solution.

Some of the Azure cloud services provided by EasyDeploy are:

Virtual Machines

Achieve flexibility in virtualization without physical hardware installation by simply going for Azure Virtual Machine.

File Share

Azure File Share serves as a convenient and centralized hub for cloud applications to securely store and manage their logs, metrics, and crash dumps, ensuring easy access and efficient data management.

Blob Storage

Store your massive amount of unstructured data with the help of Azure cloud services like Blob storage. All the data can be accessed via HTTP.

Azure Front door and CDN profile

Achieve faster response time, higher availability, and scalability with Azure front door and CDN profile to level up the user experience. Azure CDN offers high-bandwidth content delivery across the globe from data centers.

Azure DevOps Organizations

Collaborate effortlessly in the cloud, develop applications seamlessly, and track your work, code defects, and issues effortlessly.

Azure DNS Zones

Seamlessly host your DNS zone and effortlessly manage your Azure DNS records within the Azure ecosystem. Take control of your domain's destiny with the powerful capabilities of Azure DNS.

App services

Azure App Service is indeed a powerful platform for creating and deploying web applications that are scalable and highly available. It offers the flexibility to develop applications in a language of your choice and supports both Windows and Linux environments.

Azure Database

Azure offers a wide range of Cloud services for storing substantial volumes of structured data, including both schema-based and schema-less data, using various database storage mechanisms.

API Gateways

APIs play a crucial role in enabling the scalability of applications by providing a unified data consumption method for different devices.

Benefits of Using Azure Consulting Services

High ROI

Migrate safely and explore the opportunities within Azure that will prepare your disaster recovery, application modernization, secured remote working, and more.


Achieve workflow automation by just going through some of the Azure cloud services like Azure resource manager, Azure automation and streamline the workflow to attain a higher productivity rate.


Scale up the solutions as per the business needs within the expected time period with our Azure consulting services


Scale up the solutions as per the business needs within the expected time period with our Azure consulting services

Get consulting at every step

Assure stability and high performance by making use of the Azure suite. Deploy desired strategies to reduce costs. Stay updated with the latest cloud technologies. Talk with our consulting experts to thorough the Azure cloud services.

Why choose Azure Cloud Services?


With advanced site recovery capabilities and seamless integration options, Azure stands out as the preferred choice for extending the reach of a domain controller and consolidating Active Directory management.


Azure prioritizes security, offering robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. With its exceptional cloud security, data loss is not a concern. Azure provides flexible options for data backups, supporting multiple languages, locations, and operating systems.

Cost Saving

Azure follows a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to pay only for the services and resources you actually use. This flexible approach enables you to scale your usage up or down based on your needs.

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What Our Clients Say

establishing & sustaining trusted partnerships


EasyDeploy had rearchitectured and implemented our SAAS platform running on AWS to Azure within 3 weeks, this helped us win the project from our client.

Ilango, VP


EasyDeploy is our goto place for all our infrastructure needs. We had a requirement to implement our project in Azure. They architected our project in Azure Cloud and manging it without downtimes.

Dharmendra Digari, Project lead


Siru and his team is one of the best I have worked with on Azure consulting. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of Azure, he worked quickly and provided detailed instructions and information on the server setup. He provided recommendations on best practices and vulnerabilities, he made improvements to the setup I had in place, he provided excellent support, he was proactive throughout the set up process and he went far above and beyond the tasks we discussed. I plan to use EasyDeploy for all my Azure work in the future.

Skye Van Raalte-Herzog, CEO